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Retail Floor Cleaning

We have recently just completed the Floor Cleans of over 290 Retail Stores nationwide within a 4 Month period. All of our teams put in lots of effort to meet client requirements within a tight 24hour timescale. The whole process of rebranding the stores was carried out within a 5 day window with Eco Energy Cleaning coming in at the last 24 hours, sometimes 12 hours, to complete the floor cleans.

The floor cleaning machines we use is a complete deep cleaning system for any floor surfaces that scrubs the floor with a high productivity brushing action then sucks the dirty solution straight off the floor into an easy to empty recovery tank.

Every retailer appreciates the value of a super clean shop floor, after all store appearance can massively impact on store sales, therefore Eco Energy Cleaning ensure that the floor is restored to its original look with a high polished finish making the floor appear brand new.

We operate the Floor Strip Seal and Polish when the store is closed to the public. We have an exceptionally fast turn around ensuring that we do not disrupt any night staff setting up stock for the next day, and with us tending to the floors throughout the night there is no downtime for the store therefore not affecting any public sales, something which is key in the retail industry for making sure you retain customers.

We have a vast knowledge on Retail Floor Cleaning, to date we have Stripped, Sealed and Polished over 5 million Square foot of retail flooring nationwide, accommodating different frequencies to suit all budgets, from 1 visit per year to 12 visits per year. Replacing floors throughout retail stores can be extremely costly however implementing the Strip Seal and Polish from when the floor is initially laid and continuing the process Floor Cleaningevery 12 – 18 months you can ensure that a new floor will not be required for a number of years. The Strip Seal and Polish also works for stores that have had refits, moved shelving and gondoliers and have etched thick black marks onto the floor, or have a floor that is now two different shades due to shelving being moved around. The process of stripping the floor will remove all the grime and dirt and anything far to tough to remove by hand, and sealing and polishing the floor will protect the floor as well as giving it an aesthetically pleasing look.

The Strip Seal and Polish works perfectly for the retail sector. Eco Energy Cleaning asses each floor and choose products suitable for each surface making sure that nothing placed on the floor will cause any harm. We are leaders in this field as we fully understand the requirements of the retail industry and provide a service that holds greats benefits, bringing a tired looking floor back to a superb finish as well as sparing the industry a great cost as replacing floors can be very costly, however maintaining floors comes with a much cheaper price tag.


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