Floor Cleaning Machines to Hire

//Floor Cleaning Machines to Hire

Floor Cleaning Machines to Hire

We are now hiring out Floor Cleaning Machines to clients nationwide, something completely new to our company. Due to our vast knowledge on Floor Cleaning Machines we know this will be a great way forward for us and another way of growing the business.

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We have numerous Tennant machines to hire including Tennant T5, T7 and 56/80, all of these machines meet your facility’s needs with disk or cylindrical scrubbing, keeping operators focused on their cleaning environments with clear sight lines and simple controls. The machines also have a no-hassle squeegee system with an optimum blade angle for drier floors to help reduce the risk of slips and falls.

We offer a variety of machine sizes so that they can be used in large open areas as well as tight spaces like elevators, hallways and doorways. We have vast knowledge on floor cleaning machines as we use them daily to complete retail floor cleans up and down the country, therefore we have experience on what machines are best suited to which floor and environment.

Although all of our machines are easily operated with minimum instruction, we would never deliver a machine to a client without giving a detailed overview of how to achieve the desired results, and after, if for some reason you did come across any issues that you can not easily solve then we operate a 24 hour helpline to offer additional advice and guidance.

Our ranges of floor scrubbers are perfect for removing dirt and grime from most types of hard flooring in a single operation ensuring a great clean on any floor surface. Emoting dirt and grime from most types of hard flooring in a single operation perfect for removing dirt and grime from most t

The traditional mop and bucket is not effective and instead of removing the dirt it only spreads the dirt in other adjacent areas. Floor Scubbing machines provide the ultimate solution to all floor cleaning problems. They remove all dirt and grime from the floor are easily operated, require very little maintenance and create a clean, high shine floor.

Please contact us for further information on all of our machines, and see how we can provide a machine best suited to your business floor requirements.Strip Seal and Polish



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