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//Retail Refit Cleans

Retail Refit Cleans

We have recently been carrying out store deep cleans nationwide for some popular retail outlets. The deep cleans have been on going since late 2016 and we have been accommodating on average approximately 5 stores per week.

All store cleans have been carried out late into the evening, working alongside the merchandising teams and various other contractors to ensure the store is completed to a high standard in the limited time available and sometimes in tight working conditions.

We ideally like to be the last team on site to ensure the store is looking spotless ready for its launch the next day. To ensure we get the store looking its absolute best we have been Stripping, Sealing and Polishing the store floor, this service makes such a difference to the aesthetics of the store, not only does the floor look much cleaner it also brightens up the whole store, giving the store a fresh polished new look. We have also concentrated on shop fronts, deep cleaning the vestibule areas which overtime become overly grubby with heavy traffic, weather and lack of cleaning from staff on site. This can most definitely be the most challenging area to get looking great, however with our industrial jet wash system we can easily turn a grimy dull vestibule into something brighter, cleaner and more appealing for the public to enter, ultimately first impressions make a big impression so it is imperative that shop fronts look there best to ensure good customer perception. Whilst on site we have also completed back of house cleans, including the toilets, kitchens, breakout areas, corridors, managers offices and any other rooms that staff may use throughout their shifts to ensure the staff have a hygienically clean area when off the shop floor.

Hygiene is of upmost importance to us and within the retail sector this is also top priority, that is why we can assure the companies we work alongside that the service we deliver will not only leave the store looking brand new and fresh, we can also guarantee that the cleanliness of the store will be of 5 star standard.

We have a set tick list of the main cleaning tasks that will need carrying out on every store, however within some stores we get some variations to this list depending on what the project manager advisers is more imperative for the store. For instance if their is a particular grubby area within the store then we will concentrate on this area, or if a high level sign outside the store needs cleaning we will work on this area. Ultimately we clean the store until the project manager on site is satisfied that the store is looking its best within the limited timescale that our guys are given.

In the past couple of months we have expanded our cleaning portfolio within the retail estate, which is what our initial main aim was to do, and in doing so built upon our own areas of expertise and hopefully set high standards for future projects. Our next venture is to maintain a contract with another leading retailer showcasing our cleaning works and hopefully securing future cleaning works within their estate.

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